Nexus Eazy Pod

Nexus Eazy Pod
Nexus Eazy PodNexus Eazy PodNexus Eazy PodNexus Eazy Pod

Manufacturing the Eazy Pod

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A Lower priced smaller version of the Nexus Eazy the worlds number one professional koi filtration system. The Nexus Easy Pod Air complete mechanical and biological filter system for garden ponds up to 20000 litres or koi ponds up to 10000 litres.

-Very easy to install and operate
-Has a small footprint and stands only 23 inches tall
-Utilises proven Eazy 200 & Kaldnes technology
-Gives incredibly clear water
-Has a Quick and easy cleaning cycle with no wet or dirty hands The Nexus Eazy Pod Filters use scientifically and time proven fish farming and waste water treatment
-Uses innovative technology for bio-filtration
-Zero maintenance at biological stage resulting in no loss of bio-mass, giving consistent performance
-Can be gravity or pump fed
-Gives Massive performance from a small footprint
-Comes complete with adjustable connectors on both inlet and outlet valves

-Comes complete with adjustable rubber connectors up to 3 inch
-Works equally as well gravity or pump fed.
-Ideal as a complete filter on quarantine system.
-Works superb as a pre filter, polisher or on a skimmer line.
-Perfect for extra biological filtration.
-Sculptured and robust 1 piece moulding


Nexus Eazy Pod Air
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