Nexus Eazy 320 Koi Filter

Nexus Eazy 320 Koi Filter
Nexus Eazy 320 Koi FilterNexus Eazy 320 Koi FilterNexus Eazy 320 Koi FilterNexus Eazy 320 Koi Filter

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The Nexus Eazy 320 Koi Filter

The Nexus 220 and 320 from CascadeBitz feature a re-designed Eazy filter which utilises the all new K1 Micro Filter Media, in a static bed, to deliver improved levels of mechanical filtration. The Nexus filter systems also use the acclaimed K1 Media in the moving bed to deliver outstanding levels of biological filtration. Together these filter media deliver crystal clear and healthy water.

Benefits of Nexus Koi Filters

The only filter system on the market incorporating Kaldnes K1 Moving Bed technology

• Superb Water quality and clarity
• Zero maintenance in biological stage
• Low running costs
• Easy to install – ‘plug and play’ !
• Small footprint - Reduced installation cost
• Designed and manufactured for a long product life
• Biological capacity that can grow with your fish just add more Kaldnes K1 media
• Unparalleled value for money
• Open mechanical filter allowing visual inspection that media is 100% clean after maintenance
• Exceptionally easy and pleasurable to clean
• Works pump or gravity fed
• Does not use a high pressure and costly circulating pump as required in all pressurised systems
• Uses scientifically and time proven fish farming and waste water treatment technology for bio filtration

New Design Modifications

  • Now includes pump fed
    overflow/Gravity fed bypass system-Takes away the worry of maintenance
  • New Improved Eazy-Larger Capacity and Better Flow
  • Clear Lid for Eazy Section-Stops overspill of media
  • New improved air system-advanced cleaning

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Nexus Easy 320 Koi Filter
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Nexus Eazy 320 (FREE Airtech Airpump 95 RRP 189.95)
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