Ea Marine Aquariums

Ea Marine Aquariums

The Stunning Evolution Aqua Marine Aquarium

The new eaMarine Aquarium is a contemporary marine aquarium, hand-built with a modern, rimless, braceless design with floating base, to both frame and enhance the beauty of the livestock within them. Evolution Aqua’s eaMarine marine aquariums use 10mm low-iron, Cerium polished glass on the front and sides for extra optical clarity, and the best possible finish.

Outstanding Features On The ea Marine Aquariums

hd glassLow Iron HD Glass

Evolution Aqua have made quality their top priority, researching glass and bonding techniques and investing in building the aquariums on-site at their facility in Wigan, right here in the UK.

Only the finest low-iron glass is used on the front and sides of the aquariums for extra optical clarity, with extra investment spent on Cerium polishing to give the best possible finish. Glass thickness is 8mm on the eaMarine 450, 8mm on the eaMarine 600 and 10mm on the eaMarine 900 to offer extra safety factors. All the aquariums have a modern, rimless, braceless design with floating base, to both frame and enhance the beauty of the livestock within them.

k1 microClass leading filtration

Being designed by the experts in filtration, the eaMarine aquarium features an In Tank Sump System at the rear of the aquarium that uses Evolution Aqua’s pioneering K1 Micro moving bed filter media for the best possible biological filtration.

When fluidised in saltwater, the unique quiet zones inside K1 Micro can also provide denitrification. Microscopic inspection reveals a huge diversity of higher life forms living within each segment, providing thousands of refugiums on a minute scale, helping to reduce solid waste and then themselves helping to feed the system as they overspill into the main tank.

The nature of a moving K1 Micro filter bed also proves advantageous in other ways, as when old biofilms are sloughed off from the wheel-shaped media they themselves become food for corals.

No protein skimmer necessary

The K1 Micro Method is designed to be bacteria and phytoplankton friendly, resulting in more food for corals and better coral polyp extension, plus amino acids and calcium carbonate are not depleted so quickly and removed as skimmate. The system is very flexible however and the rear chamber of the In Tank Sump System on the larger models has room for a skimmer (if the user feels they want to use one,) or reactors, live rock rubble, chiller pumps and macro algae.

kessil lightingLatest LED Lighting

Evolution Aqua aquariums have been designed to use the very latest, high specification LED lighting from Kessil. The California based brand develop and manufacture their own LED chips, enabling them to produce tunable LED light spectrums specific for the needs of corals and fish.

quality cabinets



High Quality Cabinets

Complete aquariums are supplied with pre-assembled cabinets available in nine high-gloss acrylic colours, clad with 18mm MDF panels. All our cabinet doors are finished with a silver effect edge, adding an additional touch of detail.

A major factor too are the adjustable feet on every cabinet for perfect support and levelling, along with soft-close doors as standard.

kessil remoteInnovative Technology

Control all aspects of your Kessil LED lights with the Spectral Controller. The wired, touch control handset with vivid display gives you ultimate lighting control at your fingertips.