UV Ultraviolets and Bulbs

UV Ultraviolets and Bulbs

Kockney Koi Yamitsu Algea Master U.V. Ultraviolet Clarifier

Ultra Violet-UV-Yamitsu-Green Water-Algae

Yamitsu have been manufacturing Algae Masters in Great Britain since 1990. Their unique specification and design ensures a high efficiency unit at an affordable price. They are made from UV stabilised materials to ensure a longer life and incorporate turbulators to enhance the unit’s performance. Large inlet and exhaust ports make them suitable for a wide range of applications. Single tube units are available in 11, 15, 25, 30 and 55 watts. Twin units are available in 30, 50, 60, and 110 watts. It is recommended that Algae Masters should be installed using solid solvent weld pipe. However, all our units come complete with free (glue in) hosetails enabling them to be connected to ½”, ¾”, 1”,1¼” and 1½” flexible pipe. It will also fit most popular 1½”household solvent weld waste and pressure pipes.

Algae Masters can be added to any existing filtration system. For best results the unit should be fitted in line, after the pump, with water being forced through it. Use the largest size of pipe possible. If hosetails are to be used, it is very important that they are trimmed to the largest possible size that will fit inside the flexible pipe (before glueing in place). This will ensure that the maximum flow rate can be obtained for the size of pipe.

Algae Masters have been designed to run for twenty four hours a day, twelve months of the year. They should be installed in a well ventilated position but protected from frost and at no time allowed to freeze. If you are unable to position the unit in a location where it will not freeze, you should make allowances during the installation to ensure you can easily remove it for storage during the colder times of the year.

Although maintenance is minimal all UV lamps need replacing at six monthly intervals. The lamp may be illuminated and appear to be working but the radiation dosage diminishes with age and is ineffective after six months. Dispose of used lamps sensibly. Even exhausted lamps should NEVER be looked at directly when illuminated.

As the unit is dependant upon water passing through it, it is important to ensure that any pump strainers, pre-filters or delivery pipes are not blocked or are causing the flow to be restricted.

To change the lamp
Isolate unit from mains power, turn off pump, remove shower-proof ends and lamp holder, carefully slide out lamp, undo circular nut at each end of unit, remove “O” rings, one from each end, carefully slide out quartz sleeve. To clean use rag dampened with pond water, wipe dry with a cloth and reinstall. Use no chemical cleaners harmful to fish. To reinstate slide silica quartz sleeve back into position carefully, reposition “O” rings at either end over quartz, centralise tube with an even amount protruding at either end, replace nuts (hand tighten only), turn on pump and test for leaks, if on inspection no leaks are apparent replace lamp as above and reconnect.


  • Do not look at the lamp when on (even old or exhausted lamps)
  • Do not submerge unit
  • Do not run without a constant water flow (the unit is watercooled)
  • Do not allow water to freeze within the unit
  • Do not open while switched on
  • Do not use with broken or chipped quartz sleeve

Algae Masters are guaranteed for 12 months excluding lamps and breakages

11 watt 1,500 gallons 6,750 litres
15 watt 2,000 gallons 9,000 litres
25 watt 3,250 gallons 16,625 litres
30 watt 4,500 gallons 20,250 litres
55 watt 6,000 gallons 27,000 litres

Ultra Violet-UV-Yamitsu-Green Water-Algae

We would highly recommend doubleing the wattage for ponds that get a lot of sun

Pro Clear Advantage Ultraviolet Clarifiers

Fitting the TMC Pro Clear Advantage unit could not be easier. The TMC Pro Clear Advantage is connected into the water circulation system as shown below and connected to a mains electricity supply in the same way as fitting a plug.

The TMC Pro Clear is designed to be positioned either on its base on a flat surface, or attached horizontally to a vertical surface using the brackets provided, and is supplied with dual inlet/outlet fittings allowing the unit to be fitted in the most convenient position available.
The TMC Pro Clear is supplied with dual inlet/outlet fittings allowing the unit to be fitted in the most convenient position available and universal hose tails are included to take 1", 11/4"and 11/2"flexible hose. No glueing is required. Full instructions are enclosed with each unit.

Easy to Use
Pro Clear Advantage units require virtually no maintenance and use unique translucent hose connectors which glow to show that the UV lamp is working.

Environmentally safe
Using ultraviolet light, TMC Pro Clear units destroy the green, single-celled water borne algae which make garden ponds murky and unattractive. As no chemicals are used, there is no danger of pollution or over treatment of the water and sensitive plant and pond life is not affected.

At the heart of each TMC Pro Clear Advantage unit is an ultraviolet lamp sealed inside a quartz sleeve. As water is pumped through the unit, ultraviolet light from the lamp destroys the algae, leaving the water clear.

Two sizes available
TMC Pro Clear Advantage UV30 which is suitable for ponds of up to 3,000 imp. gallons (13,500 litres) with a maximum flow rate of 3,000 imp. gallons (13,500 litres) per hour.

Pro Clear Advantage UV55 which is suitable for ponds of up to 5,000 imp. gallons (22,500 litres) with a maximum flow rate of 4,000 imp. gallons (18,000 litres) per hour.

CascadeBitz highly recommends calculating your uv requirements based on 10watts per 1000 gallons and under certain circumstances you may need to double this figure to 20w per 1000 gallons

TMC Pro Clear Advantage products are designed for reliability and a long working life. Spare parts and replacement lamps are always readily available.

Guarantees Clear Water
If installed in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions and the unit is the correct wattage for pond capacity, stock level and situation.

Product Information
• The TMC Pro Clear are manufactured and conform to BS EN 60598.

• The TMC Pro Clear conform to the low voltage directive (safety) CEE 73 23.

• The TMC Pro Clear Advantage conform to the EMC directive CEE 89 336.

• The TMC Pro Clear Advantage are CE approved.

Accessories & Spare Parts
All parts in our TMC Pro Clear Advantage units are individually replaceable and we supply a full range of spares including replacement UV lamps, quartz sleeves, hosetails and "O" Rings.

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