Koi For Sale

Koi For Sale

Cascade are constantly searching to improve the selection of Japanese Koi we have available to all levels of koi keeping. We have previously travelled all over Japan in search of a consistent, reliable, professional supplier of high quality, healthy Japanese Koi and finally settled with Ogata Koi Farm in the south of Japan. We believe this is a more credible approach than selecting Japanese Koi from a series of breeders and exposing them to possible health issues. The health of our customers Japanese Koi is of paramount importance to us, we don't need to run around the mountains to achieve this !!!.

Cascade has been travelling to Israel to select Koi from Magnoy for nearly 20 years. This has afforded us the opportunity to access only the best in Israeli Koi and build a strong relationship with the Magnoy Koi experts. All our Magnoy Koi are hand-picked personally by Dave Dyson, our highly-respected founder Koi Guru, and our in-house trained Koi team. We invest heavily in the on-going training of our Koi staff to ensure their Koi knowledge is kept abreast of latest advances in Koi Health and all aspects of maintaining Koi. If you would like to receive regular updates on Koi shipments and related Koi events then please join our mailing list.

Koi for Sale

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