Aqua Drum 25 Koi Filters

Aqua Drum 25 Koi Filters
Aqua Drum 25 Koi FiltersAqua Drum 25 Koi FiltersAqua Drum 25 Koi FiltersAqua Drum 25 Koi Filters

Aqua Drum Koi Pond Filters

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Aqua Drum Koi Pond Filters

Aqua Drum Koi Pond Filters Leading The Way In Drum Filter Technology

The Aqua Drum Basic 25 from Cascade Water Gardens has a maximum flow rate of 25,000ltrs and has a smaller footprint than the 55 & 35 models meaning it will suit all those that either don't have the budget, flow requirements or space to fit the 35 or 55 model.

There are of course differences between the Aqua Drum 55 & Aqua Drum 35 models but one thing you can be assured of is the engineering and build quality is of the same high standard! This new model has, once again, been designed from scratch to meet the needs of our UK customers.

Like it's bigger brothers, the new Aqua Drum Basic 25 comes complete with a pre-wired control panel and probes, but due to the smaller size features an external backwash pump.

The AquaDrum 25 Basic filter is fed through 2 times Ø 110 and consists of two compartments which are carefully separated by a high quality silicone outer band and the drum mesh, this results in both a waste water and clean water compartment. The stainless steel components provide a high quality finish and aid longevity of the drum filter. The drum is equipped with three unique, internal, brushes that aid the removal of blanket weed and larger objects that may get inside the drum and aid their removal to the waste gutter. The spray heads are equipped with a quick-change system so that they are easy to clean and adjust when required, furthermore, the entire spray line can be easily disassembled. The spray pipe is fed by a high pressure screw pump which is mounted inside the filter meaning no more external pumps to worry about. The filter comes with a security lid as standard that makes use of a safety switch to turn the filter off in the event of the lid being lifted, this ensures a safe working environment and stops eye damage from internal UV's.

Aqua Drum 25 Specifications

  • Base Size: Width 72cm/720mm x Depth 52cm/520mm
  • Overall Size at the top: Width 76cm / 760mm X depth: 58cm/580mm
  • Height: 52cm/520mm
  • Inlets: 2 x 11cm/110mm
  • Outlets: 2 x 11cm/110mm
  • Waste Outlet: 1 x 11cm 110mm
  • Drum Screen Size: 40cm/400mm Dia x 40cm/400mm 70 Micron
  • Drain: 1.5 inch
  • Max Flow Rate: 25m3 or 5500 gallons or 25000ltrs


Aqua DrumAqua Drum 55aqua drum 55

Please call 0161 764 3760 for more information on the New Aqua Drum Koi Filter Range

Aqua Drum 25 Basic
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